Open Air Booth Setup

What is the Open Air Booth all about?

What is the Open Air Booth all about? 

The Open Air is our premiere booth featuring a professional DSLR camera, where guests receive unlimited 2×6 prints along with SMS and social sharing. A standard backdrop is included with that booth type – with options for premium upgrades.

As its name suggests, you’re not cramming into a small enclosure to take a pic. You’re photographed in front of a popular jazzy sequin backdrop or modern pillow case. Pro Tip: a custom pillow case step and repeat is pristine. Let us know if you’re interested in exploring a custom design.

The stand-alone sharing station is a wonderful complement to the booth. Airdrop usually dominates the discussion, we don’t take sides. Android users can receive an SMS or QR code to download the images. We also have the ability to add a slideshow to a compatible tv or projector. Visit our event gallery to see images from our past outings. 

As always, let us know if you have any questions.